Excellent math learning resources

My math teachers were horrible, without exception. But then, after ending up as an engineer / quant, my interest was peaked. And there are great places to learn math from, so I’d love to spread the word about them.

I have to admit, in the context of learning new things, I hate jargon, terminology and their definitions. I have a hard time imagining why you'd want to start with a definition of an idea rather than an introduction to the problem (set) and sketching out a solution, with some visuals.

These book recommendations will reflect this - if you're looking for textbooks, I'm sure you can find them relatively easily.


They’re really putting themselves there to create interactive, sometimes narrative-driven, intuitive explanations of fundamental and more advanced concepts. Maybe you just want brain teasers - that’s also something they offer. I’m a subscriber, and enjoying it a lot.

Mike X Cohen’s courses

If you need someone to go through Linear Algebra, Statistics, Signal Processing with you, in a no-nonsense way, explaining the “why does this exists/ is it important?”, and “where would I use it or NOT use it?”, then he’s your guy.

I would not expect the best courses on these topics to be put on Udemy for something like $20, but they are there, available, and they have my warm recommendation.

Mathematics for Programmers

[Coming soon]


They have pivoted bit towards the enterprise (you can still access it as an end user though), but their data / ML curriculum is great. Great explanations, hands-on projects (sometimes outdated, unfortunately), and a well-put-together curriculum that keeps you engaged.

If you want to understand Deep Learning

This one is the most gentle introduction to neural nets, period.

  • Make your own Neural Network I'd make this the second book. Very similar in approach, but it explains neural nets from a slightly different angle, and adds the activation function into the mix, pretty soon.